Since 1944, Parker O-Ring Division has excelled as a developer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of precision-engineered o-rings. The O-Ring Division offers a unique combination of experience, innovation, and support to its customers. Engineers in every industry, from automotive to fluid power to semiconductor processing – choose o-rings made by Parker to keep their equipment working safely and dependably. Whether it is an “off-the-shelf” industrial standard or a size developed to customer specifications, our commitment to service is designed to minimize downtime and maximize quality. Parker O-Ring Division also offers ParBakTM anti-extrusion rings, installation lubricants and o-ring assembly/removal tools.

Parker Divisions

Composite Sealing Systems (CSS)

The Composite Sealing Systems Division designs and manufactures engineered seals and sealing systems consisting of metal and composite retained elastomeric combinations for static face seal applications and metal seals for extreme sealing environments.

Engineered Seals Division (ESD)

The Engineered Seals Division designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric shapes (both homogeneous and inserted), for sealing systems and isolation applications.

Integrated Sealing Systems (ISS)

The Integrated Sealing Systems Division designs and manufactures homogeneous rubber, rubber-to-metal, and rubber-to-plastic retained seals. The division specializes in innovative polymeric sealing systems – over-molded technology and the integration of multiple components into unitized assemblies.

TechSeal Division (TSD)

The TechSeal Division designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric extruded profiles, lathe cut and spliced/fabricated gaskets.

O-Ring (ORD)

The O-Ring Division designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric O-Ring seals – including high-performance materials for nearly every sealing application.

Engineered Polymer Systems (EPS)

The Engineered Polymer Systems Division and the Packing Division Europe design and manufacture engineered elastomeric, polymeric and plastic seals and sealing systems for dynamic applications.