Rendering of custom silicone extrusions for manufacturing environments.

Custom Extrusions

Sealing Specialties has many years of experience working with our customers on their standard and custom extrusion requirements. Our capabilities include any custom profile in all elastomer compounds including nitrile, EPDM, silicone, and fluoroelastomer (Viton®). We can assist with engineering and design while offering technical support on materials to improve performance. Offerings include dense elastomers, sponge, hybrid extrusions, and co-extrusions to thermoplastic substrates. 

 Our custom extrusion suppliers include the Parker TechSeal Division. The TechSeal Division specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered elastomeric extruded profiles, lathe-cut gaskets, and spliced/fabricated gaskets. 

Engineered Elastomeric Extrusions

Engineered elastomeric extruded profiles are custom-designed seals or gaskets that are made from elastomeric materials extruded into a specific shape or profile. These materials are highly flexible and are able to conform to the shape of the surfaces they are sealing, making them ideal for use in applications where a tight seal is required.

Lathe Cut Gaskets

Lathe cut gaskets are circular gaskets that are cut to size using a lathe. They are commonly used to seal flanges in piping systems and are known for their high-quality, precise cuts and their ability to withstand high pressures.

Spliced and Fabricated Gaskets

Spliced and fabricated gaskets are gaskets that are made by splicing together smaller pieces of gasket material. This allows for the creation of custom gaskets that can be tailored to fit specific shapes or sizes. These gaskets are often used in applications where a standard-sized gasket is not available or where a precise fit is required.

Custom Extrusion Suppliers: