As a complete seal partner, we offer a full spectrum of capabilities to maximize the performance and cost-effectiveness of your seals. Count on our consultative approach for valuable seal insights and full-stocking inventory for quick access to the seals you need.

Reliability consulting

Our solution-based reliability consulting services explore your pain points to determine the ideal seal for your application. Through in-depth seal reliability studies, lab testing, and failure analysis, we dive deep to determine why your seals don’t last as long as they should. Once we’ve determined what’s not working well, we devise reliable, high-performance, and long-lasting seal solutions for your unique application.

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Molded rubber gasket factory testing equipment for reliable seal consulting
Engineer seal partner creating plans for custom molded rubber seals and mechanical seals in CAD software.


Our in-house and factory engineers analyze the design and material of your seals and develop higher-performing solutions based on your responses to a series of technical questions and application data, such as speed, temperatures, pressures, and fluids. Our process includes creating a design proposal and drawings, arranging for appropriate custom tooling, and submitting seal samples for testing to ensure our engineered solutions exceed your expectations.

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Material science

Our vast material science expertise allows us to uncover previously undetected material shortfalls and vulnerabilities that could compromise the performance and longevity of your seals. With access to dozens of compounds and materials and the unique ability to create a new compound for your application if required, we can help ensure you’re using the precise seal material for longer-lasting results.

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3D illustration of custom rubber o rings
Seal partner kitting production.


Our complete seal partner services include advanced on-site kitting operations provide a value-added solution to help you avoid time-consuming and expensive kit assemblies. Serving OEMs and MROs with low- or high-volume requirements, our kitting capabilities include custom labeling, packaging, custom components, standard components, parts lists, and individual (1/bag) automated packaging.

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Reverse engineering

Our reverse engineering capabilities allow us to recreate OEM seals and related components to help you save money and receive your seals faster. We also help ensure you’re using the optimal seal solution. Our advanced technical expertise and design guidance can determine whether any design and material modifications could enhance their performance and reliability, giving you access to expert OEM seal conversions with a value-added edge.

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Engineered seal products in the North Eastern United States from reputable seal consultants
Sealing technology experts discussing project.

Technical support

We offer valuable hands-on technical support to enhance the performance and cost-effectiveness of your seals, connecting you with intelligent and qualified seal experts – without ever charging a dime. Our inside team is here for your phone and virtual questions. At the same time, our outside crew rolls up their sleeves at your facility, delivering application-specific technical input and guidance on the precise seal solutions for your needs.

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