Molded rubber gaskets

Custom Molded Rubber Seals

Sealing Specialties offers custom molded rubber seals and components to existing and new applications. We will provide the design and engineering assistance from drawings to prototype, and first article to production. Materials include all elastomer compounds in addition to rubber/metal and rubber/ plastic overmolding capabilities. We continue to assist our customers with challenging molding requirements in both low and high quantities.

Parker Divisions

Composite Sealing Systems (CSS)
The Composite Sealing Systems Division designs and manufactures engineered seals and sealing systems consisting of metal and composite retained elastomeric combinations for static face seal applications and metal seals for extreme sealing environments. These systems consist of combinations of metal and composite materials that are used to create seals for static face seal applications, as well as metal seals for use in extreme sealing environments.

Engineered Seals Division (ESD)

The Engineered Seals Division designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric shapes (both homogeneous and inserted), for sealing systems and isolation applications. These materials are highly flexible and are able to conform to the shape of the surfaces they are sealing, making them ideal for use in applications where a tight seal is required.

  • Homogeneous elastomeric shapes – Seals or gaskets made from a single piece of elastomeric material.
  • Inserted elastomeric shapes – seals or gaskets made by combining two different materials, with the elastomeric material being inserted into a metallic or other types of backing material. 

Integrated Sealing Systems (ISS)

The Integrated Sealing Systems Division designs and manufactures homogeneous rubber, rubber-to-metal, and rubber-to-plastic retained seals. The division specializes in innovative polymeric sealing systems – over-molded technology and the integration of multiple components into unitized assemblies.

This division also manufactures custom sealing solutions for a wide range of industrial and aerospace applications. This may include seals for fluid power systems, rotary and reciprocating machinery, and aerospace fuel and hydraulic systems. 

Custom Molded Suppliers: