Our Supplier Partnerships

We’ve aligned ourselves with the best and brightest manufacturers worldwide, forming high-value supplier partnerships to give you access to the latest seal materials and technologies at cost-effective prices.
Our global-leading supplier directory includes distinguished names such as John Crane, Palmetto Inc., Parco, Parker, Precix, SKF, U.S. Seal, and W.L. Gore & Associates..

Sealing Specialties sealing partners and manufacturers
ISO 9001:2000 Compliant

How We Do Business

We believe in a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, striving to exceed your requirements and expectations by providing high-performance, valuable, and reliable sealing products and services. In addition, our rigorous quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2000 requirements in our everlasting quest for excellence.
Dedication, honesty, and integrity define our company culture as we work to build strong customer, supplier, and community relationships, never choosing the short path in the face of a challenge. Instead, expect our seasoned service-oriented team to do everything possible to earn your trust through a high-touch and engaging customer process where we help you navigate every thorny detail. Over time, we’ll skillfully and seamlessly integrate into your team to become a valuable extension of your business.