What is a Reliable Seal Partner?

Choosing a seal distributor with long-standing relationships with industry-leading suppliers is essential for ensuring access to the most reliable and high-performance seals. Industry-leading suppliers use the latest technologies and materials to produce seals that meet the highest industry standards and are optimized for specific applications. By partnering with such a distributor, you can receive more reliable and high-quality sealing solutions, helping to boost seal performance, reliability, and safety

However, a complete and reliable seal partner is a distributor that takes things to the next level. Beyond products, they offer a full range of value-added services to help you design, select, install, and maintain your sealing solutions for optimal performance and value. In this post, we’ll profile some of the critical services to look for when choosing a complete seal partner to ensure you have access to a complete solution. 

Defining Services of a Reliable Seal Partner 

There are several defining, value-added services that can help you identify a reliable seal partner, including: 


A reliable seal partner has in-house and factory engineers who analyze the design and material of your seals. These experts can work with you to develop customized, higher-performing solutions based on your application data. This data may include speed, temperature, pressures, fluids, performance expectations, and seal life needs. A complete seal partner will propose designs and drawings, arrange for appropriate custom tooling, and submit the first articles for testing to ensure the engineered seal products are optimized for your specific needs and will perform reliably and efficiently over time. 

Material Science 

A reliable seal partner with material science expertise can identify material incompatibilities and vulnerabilities that may compromise the performance and longevity of your seals. With access to a wide range of compounds and materials and the ability to create new compounds for your specific application, a reliable seal partner specializing in material science can ensure that you’re using the optimal seal material for longer-lasting results. They can also provide guidance and recommendations to help you select the best material for your application and develop customized sealing solutions to meet your specific requirements.  


A reliable seal partner may also offer time- and money-saving kitting operations, including custom labeling, packaging, and automated individual packaging. These expert teams ensure that kitting is done accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively. In addition, by outsourcing kitting operations to a reliable, complete seal partner, you can reduce the costs and complexities of kit assemblies, allowing you to focus on your core operations.  

Reverse Engineering 

A reliable seal partner has advanced reverse engineering capabilities that allow them to recreate OEM seals and components, providing cost-effective and timely solutions to meet your needs. Reverse engineering saves time and money while ensuring that you’re using the optimal sealing solution for your specific application. Best of all, a reliable, complete seal partner with reverse engineering expertise can evaluate your sealing needs and determine whether any design or material modifications could enhance performance and reliability, providing you access to expert OEM seal conversions. 

Technical Support 

Finally, a reliable seal partner offers valuable hands-on technical support for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness of your seal application, providing guidance and support for success. Reliable seal partners with technical expertise can also offer application-specific technical input and in-the-field advice on the precise seal solutions for your needs to help you get the most out of your seal application and ensure they perform reliably and efficiently over time. 

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Benefits of Choosing a Reliable Seal Partner 

Two engineers with material science experience reverse engineering seals for manufacturing use.

Choosing a valuable seal partner is beneficial because it offers the following: 

  • Advanced expertise – A reliable seal partner has extensive knowledge and experience in the sealing industry and can provide expert guidance and support to help you select, design, install, and maintain the right sealing solution for your needs. 
  • Cost-effectiveness – Choosing a complete seal partner can help you save time and money in the long run as experts guide you towards the most valuable sealing solution rather than a quick and cheap fix that may compromise long-term performance and costs. 
  • Customization – By working with a reliable seal partner, you can be assured of a customized sealing solution and expert guidance on the best materials, configurations, and installation methods to promote optimal performance and longevity. 
  • Quality – A valuable seal partner is committed to providing high-quality sealing solutions that meet industry standards, often with comprehensive quality assurance programs that incorporate rigorous testing and inspection for reliable, long-lasting seals. 
  • Support – With comprehensive support, a complete seal partner offers a range of services to support your needs and often dedicates themselves to exceptional customer service to ensure your success. 

We are Your Complete Seal Partner 

When selecting a seal distributor, consider a complete seal partner with a full range of services to support your needs, like us. We have the expertise, support, and guidance necessary to help you achieve optimal performance and reliability from your sealing solutions. Our hands-on, consultative approach provides valuable insights and expertise, and we offer access to industry-leading seal manufacturers and expert value-added capabilities. Additionally, our full-stocking inventory of high-quality seals ensures quick and easy access to the products you need when you need them.  

Whether you’re looking for O-rings, mechanical seals, Gore sealing products, gaskets, engineered seals, or another sealing solution, we’re the complete seal partner. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you maximize performance and value.