GORE® Joint Sealant

Gore Joint Sealant is the ideal sealing product solution for large, complex, or damaged flanges. Its original form-in-place design provides a reliable, customized sealing option for projects that require a thin yet strong seal. It’s made of 100% expanded PTFE that is durable, highly resistant to creep and cold flow stays tight, and rarely needs re-torquing.

Its “peel and seal” design allows you to adhere this gasket to any piece by simply removing its backing and sticking it to any surface. The Gore Joint Sealant was created to reduce lost productivity which can be the result of potential leaks or process disruption. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable sealing option that optimizes long-term system performance and minimizes maintenance time, safety risks, or the possibility of catastrophic failure. 

GORE Joint Sealant Product Image
Product Features
  • Low Stress-to-Seal Requirement (even for rough flanges)
  • Soft and Conformable Design
  • Thin Profile to Fill In Micro Deviations Across Surfaces

Gore Joint Sealant is from the inventors of PTFE and was engineered to meet the high-quality requirements of a manufacturer that has 35 years of industry success that is based on ongoing improvements and technical support.


Technical Data

100% expanded PTFE

Temperature Range
-450°C + 600°C (-268°F – 315°F)

Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 3,000 psig (220 bar)

Chemical Resistance
Resistant to all chemicals in 0-14 pH range, except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine

Psychological Safety
For Industrial Use Only. Not for use in food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.

Tensile Strength
3,500 psig (ASTM F-152)

55-80% (ASTM F-36)

0.13 ml/hr (ASTM F-37-B [30 psi/2 bar-air]) M=1.5; Y=2,000 psi

Creep Relaxation
40% (ASTM F-38)